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Our Services

Our portal ( is designed to help our Chinese investors with in-depth search services to find their ideal home or investment opportunity in the UK property market. Our online marketing channels such as social media (Wechat, Sina Weibo and Facebook), direct email marketing, and our dedicated online and offline content, can create a different approach for your business to reach the right people, and to close that sale sooner than anticipated. 

By listing your properties with us you will open the door to Chinese investors, and have large amounts of exposure. With a native Chinese speaking management team to translate your property details correctly, we make the transition fast and simple. Your company logo and a link to your website will be incorporated into the listing to not only increase your brand awareness in China but to also monetise and turn traffic into completed transactions. 

We showcase the latest development projects in the UK to a large Chinese audience of investors. From our own experience and our history of completed sales, new build properties have been the most popular among Chinese buyers when it comes to investing in real estate. We work in close cooperation with many well known UK property developers and estate agencies to create a personalised marketing plan. This would include the listing, an editorial piece that shows key features of the property development, social media posts, e-newsletter, a property banner and advertisement column on our website. 

Looking for more services? We are able to tailor our services to fit your specific requirements, please get in touch with us for more details. 

At UKLEJU we provide a comprehensive one stop for all service by working in close partnership with well established UK businesses. On our partners page you will find essential property related services when buying property such as: tax consultancy, conveyance solicitors, mortgage brokers, interior design studios, immigration and education specialists and property developers information. This ensures we can care for our client’s needs and requirements at any stage of the buying process. 

With many years of property experience, we host various events from small to grand and exclusive to public. Our knowledge in Chinese business culture and our expertise in the field of UK property is crucial to help assist UK businesses to open their doors to overseas buyers in the far east— exclusive access to 63 million middle-class and over 1 million HNWI investors. Our events take place in major tier 1 cities in China as well as in prime location around the UK. Here are some examples of events we have hosted in the past:

  • Property Workshop
  • Property Seminar
  • Property Exhibition / Latest Development Launch
  • HNWI Networking Event
  • Themed Party / Boat Party 
  • Chinese Student Union Activities