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Hong Kong political unrest and UK Brexit: HK investors to turn to UK Real estate?

Political protests in Hong Kong have captured the world’s attention in recent months, with demonstrators closing streets and the airport, and Chinese forces amassing near the border with a none too subtle threat of violent reprisal. In the past, Hong Kong has long been the premier destination for doing business […]

The Top Regeneration Hotspots in London Capital 2019

London is home to 8.8 million people, from a broad range of backgrounds. The city is evolving and reinventing itself, reflecting its status as a top global city. Looking towards the future of London, a rise numbers of people choose to make the capital their home, it is natural for […]

Greenwich Peninsula x Regeneration Hotspot in East London after the event

30th May 2019, Vantage Properties hosted Regeneration Hotspot event at East London in cooperation with Knight Dragon, an entrepreneurial urban regenerator and one of the biggest property developer. The event took place at Greenwich Peninsula, a future with 15,000 new homes, a design district and a 5km cultural walkway… all […]

Apple announced a New Apple Credit card, as the future of finance.

A new product was announced during the launch event of Apple at its headquarters in Cupertino, California. It is the new Apple Card. A credit card by Apple, not a bank. Goldman Sachs and MasterCard Apple Card revolutionise everything about the credit card. It represents all the things Apple stands for, […]

Here’s Londoner real lifestyle on the inside

What’s life like living in a City of London today? Cities are full of people and people are full of contradictions. People living in London will always know that it’s different to live in other parts of England other than London. Diversity and openness to the world make London a […]

Beijing New Airport to look forward to in 2019, by Zaha Hadid

Iraqi- Born British architect, Zaha Hadid became a solid reference in contemporary architecture and a representative woman in the architectural world.  She grew up at a time when Iraq’s capital was a secular, cosmopolitan, progressive city, full of new ideas and cultural experiments. Her roots in Baghdad had been hugely […]

Properties of the month: “Minutes from the City. Metres from the water.”

UKLEJU is a bilingual (English/Chinese) property portal which acts as the ultimate source of information for overseas investors looking to purchase properties in the UK. Our Chinese UKLEJU.COM website features a comprehensive portfolio of property listings which appeals to an international audiences who are actively seeking the right real estate […]

One of Zaha Hadid’s final projects: The Morpheus Hotel

One of  Zaha Hadid’s final projects: The Morpheus Hotel 建筑女魔头扎哈惊艳全球的遗作, 澳门赌王儿子耗资65亿打造的顶级酒店   Like art and painting, architecture is a visual art form with buildings. An architect meant to give pleasure to the onlooker as a product of human innovation, initiative and above all, imagination. The world’s first female star architect […]

Smart homes of 2019: more intelligent and personalised than ever

Smart homes of 2019: more intelligent and personalised than ever Smart homes of 2019 智能家居,智慧联系生活。   The future of the way we live in and use our homes is set to be one thing: Smart. A decade ago, smart home technology would have seemed like futuristic science fiction, but 2019 […]