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Global wealthy individuals becoming increasingly strategic in response to their overseas investment

In this article, UKLEJU have looked at Knight Frank City Wealth Index, and refined where the wealthy are investing at the world’s leading cities in order to generate more of the detailed insights that overseas investor rely on and identify what matter most to them. Ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWI) are […]

Brexit blues: how would a no deal Brexit affect UK property market?

Brexit on your mind? You’re not alone. A little over two years ago, the British people voted for Brexit, signal the end of relationship between the UK and the EU.  The agreement continues to stumble on many points, the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, when and how it will happen, is […]

China in your pocket – Top Chinese Social Media apps 2019

The recent economic growth that China has experienced makes China market irresistible. The rise of technology development and increased consumption have all been fundamental to the changing landscape of Social Medias in China. However, Google, Twitter, Facebook and other giant Social Medias are banned in China due to internet censorship […]

This is just the Start’: Asian overseas buyer’s passion for UK properties

Developments in London have been marketed overseas for a long time, and there has long been a trend for overseas buyers to purchase homes or investment properties in UK capital, London. In the 1980s, USA buyers dominated the international market, as did those from the Middle East. Over the last […]

Smart homes of 2019: more intelligent and personalised than ever

Smart homes of 2019: more intelligent and personalised than ever Smart homes of 2019 智能家居,智慧联系生活。   The future of the way we live in and use our homes is set to be one thing: Smart. A decade ago, smart home technology would have seemed like futuristic science fiction, but 2019 […]