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Discover the most creative yet functional cabin homes which are made of containers

Building home out of cabin has the challenge of giving home an evenness, and enlightening the sense of space. Shipping containers, which are formed of corrugated metal and usually used to transport cargo by sea or air, have become popular with architects looking for an affordable modular construction solution. 18-square-metre […]

Micro Living: Skinny houses that make the most of every inch

Today, in the United Kingdom, numbers of vacant homes are at their highest level in 20 years according to new government figures. In other words, we are experiencing a housing crisis brought on by the increasing demand for houses which exceeds the supply. We create housing in the form of […]

Micro Living / Mini Living – helps to solve housing crisis globally.

Architecture nowadays is used to make the most of unused spaces in cities, people are rethinking the idea of living space in the city and developing creative but at the same time need-oriented living concepts. Architects, interior designers and engineers are increasingly responding to the need to live in small […]

Beijing New Airport to look forward to in 2019, by Zaha Hadid

Iraqi- Born British architect, Zaha Hadid became a solid reference in contemporary architecture and a representative woman in the architectural world.  She grew up at a time when Iraq’s capital was a secular, cosmopolitan, progressive city, full of new ideas and cultural experiments. Her roots in Baghdad had been hugely […]

One of Zaha Hadid’s final projects: The Morpheus Hotel

One of  Zaha Hadid’s final projects: The Morpheus Hotel 建筑女魔头扎哈惊艳全球的遗作, 澳门赌王儿子耗资65亿打造的顶级酒店   Like art and painting, architecture is a visual art form with buildings. An architect meant to give pleasure to the onlooker as a product of human innovation, initiative and above all, imagination. The world’s first female star architect […]