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Discover the most creative yet functional cabin homes which are made of containers

Building home out of cabin has the challenge of giving home an evenness, and enlightening the sense of space.
Shipping containers, which are formed of corrugated metal and usually used to transport cargo by sea or air, have become popular with architects looking for an affordable modular construction solution.

18-square-metre with reused shipping containers

Brazilian architect Marilia Pellegrini used shipping container to design tiny home filled with high-end housing. The surface material of this house is made from quartz, porcelain, and glass, fused together under high pressure to form a UV- and heat- resistant slab that is harder than granite. Shipping container is separated into two halves, with a living and dining space to one side and a bedroom with a private en-suite bathroom on the other.

Large glazed walls and doors allow a light filled living space, windows on the other side create a cross breeze, and slim white Dekton louvres shade the glass walls from direct sunlight. The flooring and all of the interior surfaces are made in white Dekton, along with marble- effect surfaces. Recessed strip-lighting emitting a soft glow runs through the rooms and over the bed.

A cluster of angle shipping containers as home in the California desert

The designer, Whitaker has envisioned an “exoskeleton” made of shipping containers painted bright white. The design concept is based on a starburst, with cuboid forms pushing out in all directions. Each container is orientated to maximise views across the landscape or to use the topography to provide privacy, depending on their individual use. The whole space contain a living room, kitchen, dining area and three bedrooms, offer a connection to the sun-baked landscape, while concurrently providing a sense of protection and privacy.

Moreover, the architect made a carport with a canopy of solar panels, which will generate electricity for the dwelling. The home will be lifted off the ground by concrete columns. The client’s career is in film making has made the architect open to visionary ideas.

Sculptural shipping- container building for Edinburgh

By using old shipping containers, steel frame and the green trees and pergola, Casa hostel has brought both a strong and industrial yet harmonic, natural feeling. Architecture studio Dixon Jones and Sculptor collaborated together to make a tiny home in Edinburgh, UK which will be made from a stack of bright red shipping containers.

Comprising of 36 shipping containers, the building is made of red containers to look like a giant heap of rocks just like a Fife coastline. The building is definitely an eye catching and engaging piece of art, as well as a functional building.
The building will be complete with a small café, work spaces and a large meeting room on the second floor.

For inspiration, architects often looked towards the minimalism early modernist Japanese architects, who were dealing with similar issues of housing when new built was entering Japan at rapid speed. In term of size and materials, the appropriation of the containers maximise global architect’s creativity to come up with this creative yet functional project – cabin homes, a distinctive and industrial aesthetic project.

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