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Our Services

Our portal ( is designed to help our Chinese investors with in-depth search services to find their ideal home or investment opportunity in the UK property market. Along with all our marketing channels such as social media (WeChat and Sina Weibo), direct e-mail. With our dedicated content marketing, we can bring so much more different approach for your unique business.


Property listing will open the door to the Chinese investors. With native Chinese speaking management team to translate your property details correctly, exposure to potential customers. Your company logo and the link will be displayed along with your listings, to increase your brand awareness in China and monetise your traffic from turning it to real transactions.


New-build has been the favourite choice among the Chinese buyers when it comes to the investment opportunity. We showcase to Chinese buyers the latest development projects from UK housing developers through an integrated online marketing plan: Listings, editorials, social media, direct e-mail and website banner advertising. To expose your development across all our marketing channels and gain your visibility among Chinese audiences.

Looking for more services from us? We can tailor the proposal to suits your requirement too. Please in contact with our dedicated team.


UKLEJU provides a one-stop service concept to bridging the Chinese customers with the UK businesses. On our ‘In Partnership With’ page, our audience can find all property related services they need while purchasing a property in the UK, such as Tax consultant service, conveyance solicitor, mortgage, interior design, immigration, education or UK housing developer information. Best branding tool for all UK businesses. To make sure we are there for them at different buying stages.




With years property experience, we host various events from small to grand; exclusive to the public. Our knowledge in Chinese business culture and expertise on the UK property market is crucial to assist UK businesses to open their doors overseas to Far East buyers — an exclusive access to 63 million middle-class and over 1 million HNWI investors. Our events take place in major tier 1 cities in China as well as the prime location in the UK.

  • Property Workshop
  • Property Seminar
  • Property Exhibition / Latest Development Launch
  • Private Gala Dinner
  • HNWI Networking Event
  • Theme Party
  • Boat Party
  • Chinese Student Union Activities
  • Various photography competition