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Greenwich Peninsula x Regeneration Hotspot in East London after the event

30th May 2019, Vantage Properties hosted Regeneration Hotspot event at East London in cooperation with Knight Dragon, an entrepreneurial urban regenerator and one of the biggest property developer.

The event took place at Greenwich Peninsula, a future with 15,000 new homes, a design district and a 5km cultural walkway… all wrapped by the river Thames.

Why Greenwich Peninsula?

Vantage Properties chose Greenwich Peninsula, as it is an island of opportunity. The Peninsula is undergoing the largest single regeneration we have seen for a generation. A transforming development that in ten years’ time will inhabit London capital’s most boldly modern cultural landscape. Knight Dragon, developer of Greenwich Peninsula, it saw potential where no one else thought to look.

Knight Dragon is formed of an entrepreneurial creative-spirited makers of places who bring new ideas and set new standards for urban living. A team of experienced and creative developers, designers, marketers, planner, financiers, creatives and sales people. They believe that regeneration can create the power of creativity fosters socially and economically sustainable communities.

Appealing to investors, homebuyers and landlords, this event was a must-attend for those hoping to discover more about this £8.4 billion new development in Greenwich London.

The event was attended by 30 VIP clients and was aimed to provide them with a wealth of property investment information, to inspire their interest in buying the dream home in London capital.

During the event, the attendees had access to each industry expert’s speech and the development’s exhibition. Each client was able to receive one to one professional consultation and walked away feeling more informed and at least one step closer to making their London investment purchase a reality after the event. 

The evening opened with a keynote speech by the senior property consultants from Vantage Properties, following up by the second speech by the Head of Sales of Greenwich Peninsula.

Chris, the Head of Sales from Knight Dragon delivered a speech demonstrating the perks of East London and Greenwich Peninsula.

“Whether you want to move within East London, or actually move into the borough of Greenwich, then you are really welcome to walk around this regeneration area and to see this development that is happening. Greenwich Peninsula has so much to offer with many really good and exciting things going on.”

Afterwards, all the attendees were given further information in front of the scale model of the Greenwich Peninsula.

“We are creating 7 neighbourhoods and 15,000 homes which we believe offer all the elements for living well that people that you, dream about. It’s about great architecture and amazing interior design, but it’s also about living close to water, watching the light change through the seasons, having space and sharing all this with a community around you.”

Following this, an exclusive group viewing tour was jointly arranged by Vantage Properties and Knight Dragon team. Those who attended were able to see the development as a blank canvas and review early draft designs for the space from the scale model.

Knight Dragon offers a unique opportunity for Vantage Properties, to showcase our guest the turn 190 grim acres of derelict industrial land into a London new district with more than 15,000 new homes in seven neighbourhoods by 2032.

After viewing the marketing suite, a visit to the impressive communal facilities and additionally the clients get to explore the interactive Greenwich Peninsula with 360 virtual tours highlighting the specification of the apartment’s exteriors and interiors.

In addition to inspecting the property fully, all clients could feel free to ask the agent or development team during the viewing tour. This event explores the ever-expanding needs and interests of all the attendees for this biggest regeneration project in London.

Fifi Jiang, a young professional who currently lives in East London, attended the event and agrees with Vantage Properties, she said: “I am looking for a two-bed apartment and I think Greenwich Peninsula is a really good place to buy at the moment. There are all sorts of opportunities that are attracting people here.”

Greenwich Peninsula provided a location that was convenient and delivered a welcoming atmosphere for every guest with a high-end drinking reception. The bar staff and waiters offered the most engaging catering services to the VIP clients at the event.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to every guest who attended the event. The VIP prize draw acknowledges the support of our guests and is a great way to say thank you to all the attendees and celebrate their contribution for this event. Our grateful thanks also to the Vantage Properties and Knight Dragon team for sponsoring the fining dining vouchers for 2 from Gaucho and Craft and a bottle of luxury champagne. The evening concluded with networking over light refreshments where guests were given a chance to speak with professionals who can help them with their investment decisions.

The Scores on the Doors

After the event, the hard work paid off and all the attendee feedback was very positive.

Location and event venue: 5/5

Hospitality: 5/5

Quality of presentation and delivery: 4/5

Viewing tour experience: 4/5

Overall event rating: 4/5


Here are just a few comments about the exhibition event from the attendees themselves.

“Good energy of the presenters”

“Clear and concise advises… Regeneration homes, not a subject I knew much about- but feel much more confident now”

“Useful and relevant information of this new development”

“The services was so friendly”

“The agents are helpful with my investment decisions”

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