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Immargation and Education

The Number of Chinese Study and Immigration to the UK Keep Growing Sharply

Chinese is the largest group of people moving to the UK, and the number is forecast to keep growing. Two main reasons for them to move to the UK is to immigrate and to study.

In 2017In spite of the grant requires a minimum of £2 million investments in the UK, the number of Chinese investors buying their way into the UK was greater than the next biggest recipients, Russia, by 250%. The trend is perceived to continue despite the potential effect of Brexit.

Another large group of Chinese people move to the UK to study. According to the National Statistics, there were 82,241 Chinese students granted with study-related visas, excluding short-term students. Compared to 2016, the number increased sharply 12,060 people. This shows that Chinese is not only the largest group of non-UK student resident but also the group that grows the fastest.

Among the Chinese students in 2017, undergraduate and postgraduate students were the largest groups, around 73% in total. It is also worth noting that about 23% of these students came to the UK for high school, and the number of younger students moving to the UK is also growing.



Chinese is the largest group of non-UK students in UK’s higher education

Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) revealed that the number of students studying higher education from China far exceeded any other countries and kept growing quickly.


Among all the higher education students from China, 85% of Chinese students studying choose to study in England.

A Chinese Consulting Agency, IDP, listed the top 10 universities which are the most popular among Chinese students.