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In 2017, the amount of Chinese investment in the UK reached $28.68 billion (£20.49 billion), increasing $17.53 billion (£12.52 billion) from 2016 to 2017. Though Brexit is a concern, it doesn’t decrease Chinese investors’ motivation to invest in the UK.

The two-way opening up between China and the UK will go even further in the future.




Chinese Commercial Investment in the UK

China-UK investment accelerated to $12.36 (£8.96) billion in 2016, a strong indication that Chinese investors remain undaunted by a looming Brexit.

Following the June 2016 Brexit vote, UK assets were so appealing that Chinese investors pumped $8.57 (£6.21) billion worth of investment into the UK during H2 2016, dwarfing the $3.78 (£2.74) billion invested in H1 2016, as well as beating the average annual investment of $4.12 (£3.05) billion between 2010 and 2015.


Below is the statistic of the most influential Chinese firms who invest in the UK.


When it comes to the UK, the most impressive and influential city is London. A report shows that it’s boom time for commercial property investment in London.

The figure does point to a wider trend of growing investment from Hong Kong and mainland China: investment from the region accounted for just 3.4% of total investment in 2012, and in the year so far counts for over 32%, as the chart below illustrates: