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About Us

UKLEJU(英伦乐居)means ‘Happy living in the UK’ in Chinese.



We’re an online property portal which provides most up to date UK property news and latest development showcases to our Chinese speaking audience, which is similar to a Chinese version of Rightmove or Zoopla, enabling our Chinese-speaking audience to find their preferred property from our website.


UKLEJU understands the Chinese audience’s need, we provide property related information from basic buying procedure to latest stamp duty, from local area guide to local schooling guide, from immigration to investment and so much more. Make sure we are there for them at different buying stages. We establish a close and trustworthy relationship with them. This is how we make us unique and unreplaceable.



While acting as a professional property portal for Chinese speaking audience, UKLEJU provides not just latest property information but also aim to enrich our audience’s day to day life in the UK. We publish the latest UK lifestyle news all in Chinese, such as the latest musical, festival, event, exhibition, hidden gem or secret history of London, a various interesting topic for our Chinese speaking audience to be more involved while they’re in the UK.


We regularly host offline events from highly informative property workshops, property seminars to the social event such as HNWI networking session, Chinese student union event or even theme party and boat party, in order to enrich our Chinese speaking audiences’ life in the UK as well as attract the strong younger buying power. We engaged with our audience more closely than any others!


With members who have over 20 years UK property experience, speaking fluent Mandarin Chinese and English (some speaks Cantonese as well). Offices across the UK and China, with years of experience working closely with UK developers and estate agencies. We’re a long established business with a young heart!


UKLEJU team also is a well-experienced team with past experience operating for Sina Overseas Properties UK, who proudly enjoying top 5 online traffic ranking in China. We have the most incredible innovation ideas to make this portal stay young and professional for our valuable customers.